Like most new challenges, the first few months at a new golf club can be a little daunting, but at Pryors Hayes we try and make it as simple as possible.

If you are keen to establish yourself as a competing member of the club and want to start playing in competitions as soon as possible, you will need an official competition handicap.

If you have joined from another club and brought your handicap with you, you are eligible to play in any/all competitions. Some restrictions apply if you haven't got a competition handicap status i.e. your handicap is non-competition (not annotated by 'c').

If you have not come from another golf club and you want to play in competitions you will need to submit three new fully completed cards from rounds played from the competition tee’s, co-signed by existing member with a valid handicap.

At Pryors Hayes, this could not be easier.

Unlike many members clubs, Pryors holds 2 competitions almost every week. Weekend competitions are played on a Saturday, but Pryors also has a mid-week competition played on a Wednesday.

The Seniors also have competitions on a Tuesday and the Ladies on a Thursday and Saturday.

Unlike weekend competitions, the Wednesday comp can be played at anytime during the day which is ideal if you work and can only play later in the day.

The Wednesday competition includes at least one monthly medal. During the year these include four major trophies: 

(May - Midweek Hogan Trophy; June - Rosebowl Trophy; July - Midweek Masters; August - Sandfield Trophy).

On the remaining Wednesdays in the month during the competition season you can play a Stableford competition.

There is a roll up at around 11.00am most Wednesdays but if you cannot make that time simply call the pro shop and they will try and pair you up with an existing member or two ball playing at a more convenient time.

If you cannot play on Wednesday and want your 3 cards, please phone the shop and we will find someone for you to buddy up with.

We also have a WhatsApp group that you can be added please use the form below:

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If you need any further information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.