For just £200 Pryors Hayes FLEXIGOLF MEMBERSHIP is specifically designed for the busy golfer and to compliment family and work commitments. 

FLEXIGOLF offers affordable entry level membership to both Pryors Hayes & its sister club, Hartford Golf Club. 

The simple points system means you decide when you play, where you play and how often. The Pryors Hayes FLEXIGOLF membership package also entitles you play in competitions and retain a handicap, unlike other private member clubs. 

For just £200 you receive 200 FLEXIGOLF POINTS which can offer you up to 20 rounds of golf and that works out at just £10.00 per 18 holes! And of course, should you wish to play more at either golf club, cards can be topped up at any time with a minimum of £50 (50 points).

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  1. It's a friendly Club with a great social scene, welcoming staff and superb catering and hospitality.

  2. Pryors Hayes has more competitions than any other club in the area so more chance to get your name on the honours board.

  3. The course is fairly flat so easy walking.

  4. Buggies are allowed...even in competitions.

  5. The Club is receiving more investment than any other in the area with a £500K extension under construction.

  6. FLEXIGOLF Membership means you can play at both Pryors Hayes and Hartford Golf Clubs (and use the club fitting, driving range and extensive shop at Hartford).

  7. There is a brand new 1st green making the first par 5 and 7 new tees opening in 2017.

  8. Pryors Hayes offers excellent practice facilities.

  9. Extensive drainage work over the past 2 years means the course is open all year round.

  10. Every new member receives a FREE GOLF LESSON.

Terms & Conditions

If you wish to run a handicap and compete in competitions, you must join the appropriate male or female golf union, incurring the additional fees of Male CCGU £13.25 and Female CCLGA £15.75

If you wish to purchase extra points, this can be done at any time with a minimum of £50.

If you decide to upgrade your flexigolf membership to one of our annual membership packages, any remaining points can be converted into cash against your new membership

In line with all our club memberships, you will receive a renewal on 1st April each year, any remaining points can be carried forward to the new season.